We live in world marred by wars, conflicts, social unrest, natural disasters and pandemics, all which have diminished our way life. But did you know
that the underlying cause is spiritual in nature ?

An Ancient Indian Holy text guides –

“When there is an increase in unrighteousness, the signs are reflected in a reduced quality of life, increased epidemics, a spate of natural disasters along with war and conflict eventually leading to the annihilation of communities.”

– Chapter 3, Janapadodhvansaniya Vimana of the Charaka Samhita

  • Continue and expand our spiritual research that is vital for educating humanity on how to generate spiritual positivity in their lives and how to remove negativity
  • Advance human understanding of how to grow spiritually through the 14 Vidyas (disciplines of knowledge) and 64 Kalas (art forms)
  • Maintain a spiritual museum that provides tangible evidence on how the spiritual dimension can affect our lives
  • Research the effect of Spirituality on health and preventive medicine
  • Publish Holy texts, videos and documentaries, websites and various content to educate humanity about Spirituality in a scientific manner and its practical benefits in everyday life.
  • Augment spiritual growth by teaching spiritual practice as a foundational way of life so that people can grow spiritually, develop individually and thereby achieve higher levels of well-being and happiness in their lives.
  • Expand and develop infrastructure and campuses for the above activities

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